Door: Wassim Z. Alsindi & 0XSALON (2023)

Discursive RPG card deck inspired by post-structuralist philosophy and 0xSalon lore. The game acts as a ludic-pedagogic mechanism to initiate and steer post-disciplinary conversations from a variety of perspectives.

Our discursive role-playing card game FAU0X SALON is included in the exhibition ‘The Seashore of Endless Worlds’ exhibition at Le Commun in Geneva, Switzerland in November 2023. Taking the form of a bespoke collection of theory-fiction inspired cards in the style of a tarot deck, FAU0X SALON acts as a ludic-pedagogic mechanism for participants to role-play the initiation and steering of post-disciplinary conversations from a variety of perspectives beyond their own opinions and beliefs. FAU0X SALON proposes itself as a narrative device for the hypothetical exploration of emergent consensus and dissensus, agreement and conflict, concerning both the sacred and the profane. By operating as an anticipatory mechanism for the simulation of possible scenarios, FAU0X SALON allows participants to think, feel, and act their through strategies and solutions without the burden of connecting hypotheses to their lived realities and identities. We invite you to take a ride in our dissonance engine sometime.”


“Wassim and Max Haiven spoke ‘On Play and Pedagogy’ for the closing symposium of ‘The Seashore of Endless Worlds’ exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. The exhibition contained a card game ‘FAU0X SALON’ which Wassim and friends have been working for for several years.”


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