“Safar is an annual and bilingual design and visual culture journal published in Beirut. The name Safar is Arabic for travel, and it refers to notions of communication, especially across disciplinal, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. Safar was created to remedy the scarcity of critical writings on design in the global south, and it aims to acknowledge designers as active agents of cultural production. “

“In this seventh issue, on Networks, Safar explores the community building practices and spaces of print collectives from New York to Spain; discusses symbols and short-term safe spaces in Palestine; shares the Black American lineage of resistance through mutual aid; examines the directions in which film distribution and production have historically flowed in Lebanon; follows the intricate and exhaustive naming process for a one-of-a-kind master’s degree program in design; delves into one professor’s viral course on Ye; asks questions about cultural funding and the ways money moves; traces the global webs that weave together land, food, consumption, and occupation; and more.”