toywar / etoy fund

“These are the projects in the etoy Fund, which is designed for the sole purpose of damaging eToys in order to teach that company, and the dot-com industry as a whole, a lesson they will never forget (like the Brent Spar). Like any ®TMark mutual fund, the etoy Fund contains projects which can be anonymously supported by investors anywhere.
The projects in this fund are no longer active.

etoy0workers“Assemble as many Santas as you can (or even more) to protest eToys in your home town. Obtain press coverage.”
Completed! Buy CD here, support! This CD contains music about the eToys legal battle with etoy.”
“eToys has reserved domain names,, and; they are interested in expanding into these markets, where they have to hire many new workers. In Germany and other countries, there is a considerable shortage of trained IT professionals. Create an ad campaign in IT journals in these countries not to hire with eToys. This might make it almost impossible for eToys to staff itself when the time comes.”
etoy0workers“Every time you see an eToys e-mail address in a news group or on a mailing list, use the opportunity to e-mail the owner about what type of company he or she is working for.”
etoy0workers“Picket eToys, Inc., headquarters in Santa Monica, California, carrying banners decrying eToy’s corporate tactics against etoy, and distributing leaflets to eToys employees and passers-by. Turn away delivery trucks. Ensure coverage in local media.”
“,,,, and other domains are available. Register them and use them to broaden even further the fight against eToys.”
etoy0workers“There are numerous investor communities on the web with thousands of forums. Enter a forum and explain to the investors the problems in the eToys/etoy case, strategically releasing information to lower investor confidence.” (Click here for forum URLs and sample letters.)
etoy0workers“If you have purchased a product from eToys, return it. Buy instead from any of the alternative online stores listed here.”
etoy0workers“Hold parties to file grievance forms against eToys lawyers en masse. Forms can be obtained from the California State Bar Association’s special line for complaints against attorneys: (800)843-9053 in CA; (213)765-1200 outside CA.”
etoy0workers“The attempt by the corporation eToys to forcibly take over the domain name is threatening to set a precedent whereby it would be easy for corporations or parties with political interest to deprive individuals or art and activist groups of their domain names, if the name is apt to be confused with that of said corporations or parties. Help preserve freedom of expression on the Worldwide Web by studying the issues and lobbying ICANN, Congress, and public-interest groups like the EFF (thanks to EFF!) against domain-name censorship and reverse domain name hijacking.”
etoyUS$200workers“Hack into the website (or those of eToys’ subsidiaries) and place a note prominently on the front page or the check-out page informing shoppers about the censorship in which eToys is engaged. Change toy descriptions to read ‘By buying this toy you are also supporting eToys’ attack on internet art.’ Alternatively, change DNS lookup tables so that both ‘’ and ‘’ will resolve to the address of This would be most effective if it was done on the name servers of large ISPs, or at the authoritative nameservers for Must be covered in the press.”
etoy0workers“The aim of this project is to organize a large-scale boycott and grassroots campaign against eToys. As the etoy/eToys fight is driven by corporate greed, eToys should learn that bullying and censorship are not profitable. For those pressing e-shopping needs, any of eToys’ large and small competitors can be used instead.”
etoy0workersSuccessful! Click for info. eToys are nothing without their website. Bring down that website (and those of eToys’ subsidiaries) periodically by using the Virtual Sit-In tool. eToys shares will fall tremendously. A good time to start might be during the ten days before Christmas. (Watch this page for updates.)”
etoy0workers“Since the etoy/eToys lawsuit endangers eToys and hence its employees’ jobs, and directly endangers the jobs of etoy.AGENTS, secure union backing to fight against the loss of jobs created by the lawsuit.”
etoy0workersOnline discussions are filling with hundreds of negative comments, and protests at the eToys website must be well into the thousands by now. Many eToys staff must feel that their superiors have made a mistake by infuriating the net community. To inflame these differences, create an informative flyer appealing to the staff of and distribute it before work in front of their headquarters in Santa Monica.”
etoy0workers“Start a website ‘Parents Against eToys’ to communicate widely that the company is proactively anticultural. Do you want your children to live in a world without culture, fun, education, art and irony? The aim of the website should be to make clear that the eToys vs. etoy case is not about art-world solidarity or the international law of domain names, but about the balance of power in the emergent virtual world culture, which will determine the character of the world of our children. If the electronic vandalism of eToys triumphs, the WWW will become a totalitarian consumerist anticulture instead of the powerhouse of ideas it still to some extent is.”