Uber Game

“This news game is based on real reporting, including interviews with dozens of Uber drivers.”


“In The Uber Game, you play as a full-time driver trying to make ends meet. Do you return home to keep a promise to your son, or keep driving to earn more money? Do you drive 30 minutes to chase a 3x surge pricing?

We made this news game because we wanted to explore new ways to help people emotionally understand a subject.

We hope that by asking the player to make meaningful choices as an Uber driver, we can shift their perspective. Maybe by making a game, we can spark their curiosity and prompt them to critically examine the constraints and biases of systems like Uber and other gig-economy platforms.

Doing so would extend the role of journalism beyond just giving people the right answers, to equipping readers to ask the right questions and start important conversations.”

https://source.opennews.org/articles/how-and-why-financial-times-made-uber-game/ met ook uitleg hoe het gemaakt is.