A March Issue

door: Line Arngaard en Sonia Oet

“A collaborative graduation project between graphic designer Line Arngaard and fashion researcher Sonia Oet realized in spring 2018, it takes its title from the most important issue in the world of fashion magazines, the iconic September issue, showcasing the highlights and most important tendencies of the upcoming season. Flipping through A March Issue is both humorous and chilling at once. The seductive gazes, blowing hair, body poses, and editorial layouts feel hyper-familiar. However, in order for Arngaard and Oet to remake 372 pages of high-fashion editorial, rough decisions and humorous compromises to production value are made, and thereby the content is differentiated just enough to become its very own thing. The white T-shirts and blue jeans function as visual placeholders, the repetition becomes almost scientific and visualize the amount of fashion the industry produces. In understanding the amount this restricted medium of yesterday contains, the viewer catches a sense of current scope of choice options provided by a fashion industry running on digital platforms, no longer confined to publishing schedules, page counts, fashion weeks, and seasons. How much is left when the fashion is removed from fashion is fascinating—and perhaps reveals more than the clothes themselves.”